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31.3.08 08:49


What I think about life


I am reminded that whatever we do, like giving free bus travel to all people over 60yrs old, someone else suffers.

Local Councils will have to fund it, and so take money from somewhere else in their budget.

One person gains, another loses out. That is the nature of things. That is life.

That is why I am not a believer of justice. The courts mete out justice, which to me looks very much like punishment, and revenge.

I think justice is to be left to the Gods, or God, or karma. Take you pick. Since humans can never know all the circumstances of what we call crime, i dont think we should be put in charge of discharging justice. Let God, or Gods or Karma decide.

This means we humans accept whatever happens to us in the future. If someone is poor, or suffers torture, they may well be working out their karma. They are receiving justice, but many looking on will feel pity for that person, and try to alleviate it, when it is natural justice.

I dont think this opinion will endear me to a lot of people. Well, next time someone did u wrong, and u scream for justice, u might remember that is ur prayers answered when you see someone suffering all the mishaps of the world. /Someone else has asked for justice and life has meted it out to that poor individual suffering away that u see before u. For we humans do not know what that person has done, either in his earlier life, or in his other life, (assuming you believe in reincarnation).

I believe in natural justice. In fact, I think nature does these things without any fair play in mind. I think each soul seeks to experience whatever it wants to experience, and it has nothing to do with justice. If someone is suffering hardships, their soul has wanted to experience that. For the fun of it. Yes, for the fun of it!!! we humans would call me mad. Who in their right mind would want to go through those things... but when you consider someone chosing to climb a mountain and experienceing all the hardships of extreme cold, hunger, exhaustion etc etc, I would ask who in his right mind would want to do that,# And yet, there are people who do these things, and society believes they are rational and praising them when they become the first person to climb everest.

So next time you see someone undergoing all the travails of the world in his life, you will have to accept that his soul wants it. It is hard for any of us to understand, just as so many things humans do for fun, we can never understand what is fun about it, but we accept they are having fun, and so we must allow acknowledge that soul who we see 'suffering' is having its desire.

It may be hard for that ego which the soul inhabits to wonder why the soul wants him/er to suffer, and may well shout out, 'why me? God? Why me?' But that is something between he and his soul. He can have a say, but how he does it is not known. He will have to collaborate with his soul to shift the direction the soul is moving.

Well, that is the fun of having a blog, I can say all these things and not be committed to the loony bin. haha. It is only my opinion, in case some one out there do not get it, and feel offended. I am not attacking anyone elses beliefs. However, I can say this belief of mine makes me view all the wild and irrational things that humans get up to with equanimity. Their souls want it. I say, and that is all there is to it. They live their lives the way their souls want it, whilst I live mine the way my soul wants it. haha. So just as I would not want their life, so perhaps they do not want mine. We each go our way, convinced our life is the best for us, and there is no choice.

26.2.08 19:55

trial run on my bike


belated post as 20six went kaput

As is usual after we have got it, we see it available everywhere. I am talking of bicycles. Now I got one, I saw another bike leaning on the rails without any lock on my way to the gym today. Another time, I saw a bike with small wheels and a high handle bar but no seat leaning against the rails near the recycle bin. Funny how after you get something, u see it everywhere.

Anyway, yesterday I took the bike for a ride. It was only a short one, to the vauxhall bus station. I wanted to go further but saw the time, close to 4pm, and realise I need to get back, put the bike in the shed and return to the flat to get my gym things or I shall be too late for the gym as my offpeak membership allows me to only get in before 5pm. I walked to the gym, because taking the bike is too much trouble. It is the finding the parking space and locking the bike that I dont like. I dont have a bicycle lock. Am looking for a chain, instead of an expensive D-lock. For one thing, a D-lock is very clunking big and heavy, whilst a chain, and I am thinking of a dog chain, is light (though simon tells me dog chains are short) which I can put in my back pack and lock with combination locks. I shall have to see what I can find on sale in the charity shops. haha. Once, I saw 2 dog chains linked together sold in a charity shop for £7, I thought it was too much and so did not buy it. But maybe that is the best price I can get. Dog chains should be easily available, but strangely not. I wonder why?

I find it rather tiring riding a bike, both physically, as well as mentally. The strain of keeping a sharp lookout for traffic is very tiring mentally. The cars pass very close to me, because the green bike lane across the bridge is so narrow and I cannot see them coming as they come behind me.Maybe just as well I cannot see them coming, for they will be much more frightening then. I spent a lot of time dismounting and using the pedestrian traffic lights to cross the street.

I prefer to walk, because when I am on the pavement I can let my mind think of other things, and also observe the scenery, most of the time it is looking up at the sky, and noting how nice the weather is, unlike when I am cycling when I cannot do anything else. Still, I daresay once I get used to cycling, I shallbe cycling everywhere and wonder how I ever got on without a bike. I wonder whether that will ever happen. haha.

At heart I am a pedestrian person. I like walking.

It makes me glad that I waited to find a bike rather than buy one. I know that biking is not really my thing, but now and then for short trips I would like one. (Ian gave me a bike which for years I kept in the bike shed and never used. Finally I gave it away to a friend). So finding one is the best solution to getting a bike, as I would not use it regularly. I still prefer to walk or take the bus. Though come to think of it, going to the tesco in kennington/vauxhall will be easier with a bike.

I have yet to take the bike to the battersea park. /Come sunnier and warmer weather, I shall,and then it would be great to be able to go sunbathing naked there and the bike will make the trip quicker.

Added 4.45pm

I managed to get the bike out to battersea park. Quite a nice ride there, along the north shore of the Thames river, across chelsea bridge . The wild area has been cleared, the wild blackberry bushes tamed, and the grass cut. It would make the place very nice for summer sunbathing, not so secluded but now more grassy areas. And the severely pruned blackberry bushes may ensure a nice harvest come autumn. It is very pleasant to ride around the park especially on a sunny day like this.

It can be quite cold with the gusts of wind that occasionally arises. And my bum felt numbed even though this saddle is flat and has springs. But my feet dont feel like their soles are flattened, which is the effect when I walk. Cycling is kinder on the feet, but murder on the bum. haha.

26.2.08 14:24

transexual in Iran


Did anyone watch the tv program last night about iran transexuals? The govt allows such operations, in fact, Iran is the country that do so many sex change operations only Thailand surpass it.

Now I know why someof the hands that appear under the female coverings looks so male.haha. A lot of them are transexuals undergone the operation. But they cannot disguise their hands, a dead giveaway. At first I thought it was men pretending to be women, to avoid being noticed. Afterall, a terrorist would absolutely escaped detection under the chardar.

But it seems these are transexuals, given a new birth certificate to certify they are females.

One female reporter accused them of trying to have it both ways, having all the priviledges of being male, and be able also to dress up as females. That is why the govt insist they make up their minds, and get operated on.

The doctor says the operation makes the guys more women than women, and I was wondering whether he fashions a vagina for them, usng the intestines, (it is very well lubricated he says, haha). So I was very interested in the operation results.

Well, looking at the post op, they do not enhance or give new breasts, the op seems to concentrate on altering the genitals.

But we never did get to see what exactly is done. Unlike the graphic filming of the operation in western tv, nothing is shown. So we have no idea what is done. ONly that it is very painful, the guy saying the operation isnot worth the pain. Rather late to find that out.

Sigh, such a lot of loops people have to go through. All because islam say homosexuals are taboo.

One sensible person says he saw so many complications after the operations, he decided not to do it. Sensible person or rather she is not willing to pay the price. Being harassed constantly by the police is preferable to the operation.

But I think for the true transexual, it is lovely to become a woman. Iranian society accepts her, and so she can get gay sex without the disproval of society.

25.2.08 22:00

what I have been up to on sunday


I had a lovely day today. A friend who I met last year, when he joined in the Naked bike ride, came to visit me to help repair the bike that I found in the recycle bins. He helped unscrew the old saddle on a old bike that I had, (given to me, I have since returned it to the recycle bins after cannibalising the saddle and the bell.) to put onto the good bike i found. He told me the bike I found is a mountain bike with 21gears. I doubt all those gears are necessary for london. Everything works in the bike, he sprayed it with wd40, he brought it with him. It was really very nice of him to bring it and it lubricate everything. I am so happy now that I got this bike working order again. The saddle has a flat top and have springs, so that even though rather rusty, I am thrilled to have it instead of the modern saddles they have these days, with no shock absorbers, and narrow so that it hits the arse instead of the buttocks.

Whoever designed the new style saddles is a fool.

We went to have lunch at the pub nearby, and had roast lamb and veg, and yorkshire pudding for £7.75. Not a lot of meat, unlike if we had cooked it ourselves. Last night for dinner, simon cooked a roast pork, and roast veg, and it was delicious and so much of it, we still have a big portion left over. It is only very rare occasions, like this, that I would eat out.

I think if ever I am exiled in Malaysia, I shall set up a sunday lunch for paying customers of roast meat and 3veg with yorkshire pudding and gravy. I bet there will be a big demand for it. Those of you thinking of setting up a business, why not try this idea of mine? you can have my idea free, provided I get to eat at ur place gratis. haha.

After lunch we went to see the 'Andrew Doid exhibition. My friend is a member of the tate, and so am allowed to bring me free as a guest. It was enjoyable, though I would not pay to see it. The normal cost is £8. I have gone off desiring to see art nowadays, unless it is free. Even then , I m not sure i will go if it is far away.

He lives in 'South Norwood, which is an inconvenient place for me if i want to visit him. There are no direct bus from central london. However, he said he can give me a lift from crystal palace, so that may make it feasible for me to visit. He lives in a room in a shared house. He has separated from his wife, going gay as it were. haha.

(added 25.2.08 I have sincefound out that the bus196 passes vauxhall and ends in south norwood. So I can go there with one bus. Not for the first time I am glad to be living so centrally.

It's nice to go out of london, now and then. I asked him if there are any charity shops at his place, though now that I have discovered recycling bins, I prefer recycling bins to charity shops now. It is free to get things from recycling bins. AFter getting my bike from it, I am rather keen of visiting recycling bins.haha.

Added 9.39pm

Do you remember the chap who invited me to his house in crawley to spend a morning or afternoon with him and do some massage? He was a member of the new meetup group that I joined.

Well, I wrote him saying it is too much the train fare, and so I shall not be able to take up his invitation. And I thought that is the end of that.

Today, I received another email from him, saying he really would like to host me. I repeated my excuse, and he wrote back saying he would pay for the ticket, if it would entice me to visit. Well, you cannot refuse someone who is so keen, right? I wouldlike to go too, as it is someplace I won't normally visit, and it is always a nice thing to meet others. He obviously feel he has more to lose by not inviting me, than me. After all, there is no shortage of guys for me to meet.

So I got online and booked the ticket. It costs £12.10 and £2 booking fee. A cheap day return on 12march 08. Hope the weather is nice, and I am sure the experience will be enjoyable.

Hmm, I seem to be getting very popular. haha.

25.2.08 15:04

change of date for the london naked bike ride


I just got an email, which notifies me of postings in the naked bike ride yahoo group, that the London naked bike ride this year will be on 14june instead of 7june.

It is because there is another function in Hyde Park on 7june.

So those planning to go, better make a note of this change of date.The Brighton naked ride is still on 7june. So it means people can join in both without having to make a mad rush between the two places on the same day. I will of course be going on the London naked bike ride because i got a free bike to ride now. Anyone with a bike and willing to ride naked can join in. No need to register or anything.

Just turn up, and strip off and go. haha.

25.2.08 14:58

Paul L's adventures with plumbers

This is Paul L's account of his experiences with british and Polish plumbers. 
My gut instinct told me to hold the first central heating plumber's 300quid+VAT in suspicion. He described a big job, to make the cost appear commensurate. But my own research by asking about the problem at my local plumbing supply shop questioned the need for such a big job. My suspicions around the justification to 'power flush' and drain the whole system off,  were confirmed i.e. it really was not necessary to do all that; just replacing the faulty air-valve alone was all that was necessary.
Therefore, I ascertained that although I had requested a simple cheese&tomato pizza that would have a modest price, the kitchen tried to push me an elaborate anchovy, chorizo, spinach and cheese pizza costing a lot more! I didn't need that.
The next bit is the lucky part. The Polish guys live in the house on the opposite side of my road i.e. are neighbours. As I had frequently seen their vans parked on the road, with "drainage & sewage maintenance" written on the vans, I thought of asking them (as a neighbour of another) for help with my problem. I didn't get them as central heating plumbers through any conventional means, but purely as a neighbour asking for help. I did not want to waste my time getting another quote from another plumber who could, again, be English; and gather yet another costly, misleading estimate for dubious unnecessary extra work to the central heating with 'power machines'.
I figured that these Polish neighbours must be plumbers of sorts, if drains and sewer work were the work they were employed to do (as written on their vans). And even if they were not central heating engineers, with general plumbing skills I suspected that they could help me change the faulty leaking air-valve of my central heating system. And sure enough, they worked through the central heating system in a methodical way, working out how the system was configured from first principles with me, which gave me much confidence that they knew what needed doing! At the same time, I was getting an education. This was such a contrast to the tradesmen who are quick to give an inflated quote, hasty to get you to agree to it and short on time to explain anything at all.

I had read about the famous hard working Polish plumbers in the UK, & that their plumbing work was far superior to local English plumbers, and how they were economical to use. I remember Tomas used also to remark that the quality of local UK plumbing work being lamentable. These were some reasons that pointed me to ask the Polish neighbours, though not central heating engineers but doing related plumbing work, for help. And they were very forthcoming with explanations to any questions which I had too, and I like that attitude because I am able to understand the justification for each thing that needed doing. (and hence fully understand the justification for the costs) i.e. everything is transparent. And the Polish were fair – 30quid for half hour work = 60quid per hour, which is the going rate for plumbing I know. And its unlikely they do a botch job since they wouldn’t want a neighbour repeatedly knocking on their door with a persistent problem from a botched job, would they!

bye for now,  Paul

added via another email25.2.08

The most useful thing is to remember is that the men at plumbing supply shops can be very informative and helpful, if you catch them at a quiet time in the shop.
This is because the plumbing supply shop have a vested interest. If they inform the shop customer how to use the part/product, then a sale is much more likely. The plumbing shop is interested in selling plumbing parts and supplies, especially so if its a slow day in the shop. Just by explaining a little to the customer, its more likely the customer will decide to buy the part. And if you are a savvy shop customer, you could ask a few more questions around the subject to get more information from the eager-to-sell shop guy. Many of the guys have done plumbing work or maybe ex-plumbers, and know a thing or 2 about the use of the products in the shop.
This is how I confirmed that the suggestion from the first plumber to totally drain my central heating system and the need for 'power flushing' were unjustified. And so I was able, independantly, with my own research and piecing together logical explanations, to confirm my suspicion that he was simply inflating the work in order to inflate the bill! And in so doing he completely lost the work which I had to give him. Instead, it got exactly only what required changing done by the Poles at a tenth of the cost (30quid - changing the leaking air-valve). And I gained some good neighbours whilst doing so too!

Nevertheless, even from the first conman plumber, I benefitted from knowing the diagnosis with his cost-free visit i.e. that the offending thing was a leaking air-valve. I then went about my independant research and questioning around what I was advised, to successfully separate out what work was justified and necessary (replacing the air-valve = 30quid) from what else was unnecessary and false (power flushing and draining system = 300quid+VAT).
24.2.08 21:20

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